Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use the Florida SHOTS registry?

There is no cost to have immunization records maintained in the registry or for authorized users to access the registry. All usage, training, and help desk support are absolutely free.

Does the registry only cover childhood vaccinations?

Florida's immunization registry covers all immunizations for all age groups.

Are schools and child-care centers able to verify shot records online?

Florida SHOTS certified electronic signature DH Form 680 is available and accessible to any school or licensed child-care center enrolled in Florida SHOTS. By Administrative Rule 64D-3.046, F.A.C., facilities can now accept electronically certified 680s from their students.

Schools and child-care centers can also search and print certified form 680s without the extra step of having to contact doctors' offices or parents for missing records.

Which medical providers participate in Florida SHOTS?

There are thousands of private practices enrolled in Florida SHOTS. Additionally, the registry is linked at the local level with all modules of the Public Health Clinic Management System, including but not limited to billing, Healthy Start, TB, and case management.

What records are included in Florida SHOTS?

Immunization records for patients who receive services at county health departments or from private providers who are using the system are included in the registry. Additionally, Florida SHOTS began loading birth records from the Office of Vital Statistics in January 2003. As of that date all children born in Florida have been automatically added to the system.

Is the Florida SHOTS registry HIPAA-exempt?

Yes. The information it contains is confidential and is only available to authorized professionals via a password-protected log in.

Who developed and maintains Florida SHOTS?

Florida SHOTS is a program of the Florida Department of Health Immunization Section and is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The registry is authorized by Section 381.003, F.S.