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Florida SHOTS Web Based Training

Private Provider (VFC)

Use your mouse to click on the name of the module that you want to complete. When you complete the module, close the browser to return to this table of contents.

Module 1 - Course Introduction
This module will introduce you to the course and tell you what to expect.

Module 8 - Immunization Assessment File
This module discusses the immunization assessment file and teaches you how to generate one.

This module explains the need to have a secure login to FLSHOTS and teaches you how to log in.

Module 9 - Order Vaccines
This module discusses the process for ordering vaccines.

Module 3 - Patient Search/Duplicate Record
This module teaches you to perform a Patient Search and avoid creating duplicate records.

Module 10 - Accept Vaccine Orders
This module teaches the process for correctly accepting a vaccine order in your “pending receipts.”

Module 4 - Add Patient & Complete Info
This module teaches you how to add a patient to the registry and how to complete the patient information.

Module 11 - Adjust Inventory/Vaccine Returns
This module discusses the correct process for making manual adjustments to your VFC vaccine inventory and return wasted vaccines.

Module 5 - Add Vaccinations
This module teaches you how to add vaccinations to the patient record in the registry.

Module 12 - Transfer Inventory
This module teaches the correct process for transferring vaccine from one VFC inventory to another.

Module 6 - Add Historical Vaccinations
This module teaches you how to add vaccinations that were administered at a different time or place.

Module 13 - General Reports
This module discusses the General Reports that are available as part of the functions in FLSHOTS.

Module 7 - Creating Forms
This module teaches you how to Print a Form 680 and create a parent PIN.

Module 14 - Reminder/Recall
This module teaches you how to generate a Reminder/Recall report and print address labels.