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Current Announcements
Attention VFC Providers!
It has been brought to our attention that VFC providers have been receiving phishing emails requesting they confirm certain information about their practice. Please note: Immunization Section, VFC Program, and/or Florida SHOTS will not ask you to update information through a link in the email. If you are a victim of this phishing attempt, please report it via https://www.myfloridacfo.com/safe/report-fraud-and-scams.
Coming soon to Florida SHOTS: User Confirmation
Beginning late June, Florida SHOTS will introduce the User Confirmation process to improve system security through the review of user access within all organizations. Local Org Administrators must participate in this process to ensure all users are accounted for and appropriate personnel records are maintained.

Please click here for more information on this very important topic and stay tuned for further updates.

Florida SHOTS User Profile Update:
On January 26, 2024, Florida SHOTS introduced a User Profile feature that allows users to verify and update their information. Beginning March 22, 2024, all users will have a 3-day grace period to provide a valid email address and select the site(s) within their organization where they work or for which they are responsible. Once the grace period ends, users will have limited access after logging into Florida SHOTS until these updates to their User Profile have been made.

For more details, please review the short feature update guide here.