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FLSHOTS Pro-Tip #2:

When searching Florida SHOTS for a patient, if you happen to come across what looks like multiple records for the same patient, even if you have verified each to be sure (checking address, phone, parent/guardian information, and vaccination history), please do not try to make the records look more similar by adding missing vaccinations to one record that exist on the other. Instead, duplicates should be reported by contacting the helpdesk at 877-888-7468.

Adding missing vaccination records may sound good in theory but, if not exactly identical to the other record, may not help but actually hinder the two records from merging. If the duplicate is reported to the helpdesk, we can assist by merging the records together and save users the extra effort.


Florida SHOTS

FLSHOTS Pro-Tip #1:

When recording vaccinations, please make sure to double-check the accuracy of all entries, including the VIS information.

The "VIS Recipient" should be the person to which the VIS was given and the "consent" checkbox should only be checked if that person was the one consenting for administration of the vaccine. It is fairly unlikely that pediatric and adolescent patients would fit that description yet we do see this being recorded.

Accuracy and quality of records is important to all involved. Please help by doing your part to ensure the best information is recorded.


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